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■The municipal Liu Jiashun to enterprise, director of the research
About with ty/ABOUT TONGTAI
  Shandong with tai group co., LTD., is in shandong province administration of industry and commerce registration(2)Type of joint-stock enterprises,Now the capital of China's agricultural and sideline products processing branch of agricultural machinery industry association、Director of China general machinery industry association pump industry branch units、Machinery industry key enterprises in shandong province、Key leading enterprise in the pump industry of China。The company sets rizhao water pump factory、Sunshine machinery factory, etc. Eight enterprises,Total assets4.8One hundred million yuan,Cover an area of an area19Million square meters,The existing staff970People,Main production testing equipment400余台(Sets),Design and development、Mechanical processing、Pressure vessel manufacturing、Sheet metal assembly、Casting and heat treatment、Measuring the physical and chemical detection、The performance test etc. Comprehensive development and production capacity。The company has marketing service network throughout the country,Some products in Europe、Africa、Southeast Asia has a good market。
  The main products are:“Machine”Brand industrial pump、“Machine”Brand rice mill and other food processing machinery、“China is cold”The pressure vessel、Fire fighting equipment、Low voltage electrical appliances, etc。One of them,For the bread machine products“China's machinery industry brand”And“Shandong famous brand”,Industrial pump system“Shandong famous brand”。......

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