Hebi city xin central electric appliance co., LTD. Was established2003Years、In have DiQiJiuSi factory restructuring was established on the basis of a collection of capacitor research and development、Production、Sales and the integration of high-tech enterprises。
    Company specializing in the production of metallized organic film capacitor、Metallized safety film capacitor、High pressure composite dielectric capacitor、Organic dielectric capacitor foil type。。
Results、The use of advanced science and technology、Use“Science、Specification、Strictly”Means of control,Manufacturing“Optimal performance、Small volume、A high content of science and technology”The high quality of capacitors.The company has a complete set of capacitor production、Testing equipment,The key working procedure used abroad with professional and technical level of automatic equipment;The company depends on the mature military technology、Learn new scientific research.
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