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Luzhou electric door

About us

About us

While luzhou longmatan wisdom cloud Windows and doors co., LTD

ZhiYun Windows and doors co., LTD. Is a collection production processing、Equipment installation and debugging、After-sales service in a body's comprehensive company。Have a professional construction team、A strong technical team、And strong technical support。Dedicated to luzhou and the surrounding cities,Provide high quality convenient service。

My company's main business:

Intelligent entrance guard system(Provide business buildings face recognition、Fingerprint identification、Card identification、The password to open the door, such as attendance to open the door,Provide in and out of the personnel management for the engineering construction、LEDSite display team,Open the door for plot design of import and export credit plan, etc)

Parking system(According to the actual circumstance of the parking lot,The optimal design of the parking lot for all kinds of parking system。Including but not limited to, no card in and out of the license plate recognition system、Bluetooth card opened system over a long distance、Time on your credit card system、Single channel lock management system, etc)

Telescopic door(Provide the factory、Small area、The school、Sites such as electric gate)

Engineering cases

project case

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  • The characteristics of entrance guard system1、Reliability of entrance guard system in order to prevent loss、Crime prevention as the main goal,So you must have high reliability。An entrance guard system,In its run may not have the case of most of the time,So don't need to call the police,...[In more detail]
Luzhou intelligent parking lot management system[In more detail]
Luzhou license plate recognition project cases[In more detail]
The intelligent parking lot system under the age of the Internet have what features?In such a developed day of Internet,Parking system using Internet technology from fee or are made from the aspects of parking parking lot management rise more convenient,At the same time parking system using Internet technology its function has increased a lot,...[In more detail]

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