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       Wujiang Europe embellish lubricant co., LTD is located in one of China's four big silk----City。Professional acting sales of international and domestic well-known brand lubricants:GermanyOlubel  The United StatesJABORU GermanyOptimol  JapanSUMICO  The United StatesTribol  ItalyMilO  Professional production and equipment lubrication management for the enterprise to provide full-service technology co., LTD,Main industrial special lubricants series product sales and special lubrication technical services,Company not only agent distribution of world famous brands of industrial lubricating oil series products,But also have professional technical consulting and technical services team,To meet the needs of customers, from the perspective of equipment lubrication management for the enterprise,Change the old ideas before oil service,Reduce the production cost,To improve the reliability of equipment operation,Make optimal equipment,For enterprises to choose the appropriate lubrication products,Improve product technology and performance,Suit the remedy to the case Resolve and prevent enterprises lubrication equipment,The production technology and production quality of incurable diseases,Prepare mechanical equipment lubrication and sealing a specialist in today's information,Wujiang Europe embellish lubricant co., LTD will follow the development strategy for the company,For the technology industry development direction for the company,Professional sales advanced products at home and abroad,Strengthen the pre-sale、Sale、After-sales service work,Constantly create new areas of modern management。

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Wujiang Europe embellish lubricant co., LTD is located in one of China's four big silk----City。Professional international and domestic sales agent...
Lubricating oil bubble under moderate temperature measurement
Suzhou lubricating oil for your analytical foam under moderate temperature measurement:This standard specifies the determination of lubricating oil in medium temperature...
The trend of the development of the new type of lubricating oil production technology of green
Under the impetus of the energy saving and environmental protection requirements become stricter,Lubricating oil production technology and continuous improvement and development。Due to the development of low viscosity...

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